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Sample Policy

We provide samples to registered, qualified buyers who purchase on behalf of organizations, businesses, schools, and other professional or non-profit groups. Due to the occasional misuse of sample, we reserve the right to decline a sample request at our discretion.

To request a sample, please complete our Sample Request Form by clicking the Request A Sample button on the product page.  We will call you to talk live about  your sample request before we ship the sample.  You can also request a sample by calling us at 1-877-628-4646.

In most cases our samples are decorated with random logos.  (They are not blank.)

If you want to see your logo on a product, we offer virtual samples . (We explain these below.)

We only ship samples to commercial addresses.  We do not ship them to residential addresses or PO boxes.

When you request a sample, we will charge you for the cost of the sample plus shipping.  Established customers receive discounted or free samples as our business relationship grows.

If you pay for your sample, we offer a credit on the sample charges.  Here’s how sample credits work:

  • If you place a full production order for the sample item within 90 days of receiving it, we will credit your production order for the cost of the sample.  Shipping charges are not credited.
  • If you order multiple samples, we will credit you for the item that you actually order, not for all samples you request.
  • Samples are yours to keep!  They are not returnable.

Virtual Samples & Speculative Samples

If you want to see your logo on a sample, we offer two options:  Virtual Samples and Speculative Samples.

A Virtual Sample is a photo image of your logo on the product.  It is typically free or low cost if you provide us with vector artwork.

A Speculative Sample is your logo physically imprinted on a sample product  Speculative samples are quite costly.  Charges typically include the cost of the product itself, the setup charge, a sample run charge, and shipping charges.

If you are interested in a Virtual Sample or a Speculative Sample, please contact us for details.

Policy Updated: June 1, 2015

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