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What Customers Are Saying

  • Sales and Marketing Lead
    Perfect timing again, I leave for a tradeshow & Demo this afternoon. Thank you for coming through again.
  • Administrative Assistant for a High School
    You have been such a HUGE help as always!  I have learned my lesson not to waste my time with other vendors.
  • Administrator for an International Sports Association
    The referees and rest of the group loved their padfolios and so did our sponsor with her plaque. Loved working with you guys and looking forward to future orders!
  • Sales & Marketing Director in Wisconsin
    The mugs were at my door when I returned home tonight. Great turn around time. I’m looking forward to working with you.
  • Office manager in Florida
    The pencils look great and they came so quickly! Thank you!
  • Communications Assistant at a global engineering company
    Thank you so much, Jennifer.  My boss said the award was gorgeous!  She really loved it and so did everyone else.  Thank you for always steering me in the right direction and somehow knowing exactly what we need!
  • Associate at a national research center
    Everything turned out great!  We really appreciate your excellent customer service and turn-around time on the products. Thank you for helping to make our event a big success!  The giveaways will be a big hit!
  • Assistant Director at a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company
    We’ll be your loyal customers for a long time to come.
  • Marketing Director at a Leading Regional Trade Association
    I wanted to thank you again for all of your help with our promotional material orders.  Your creative ideas and excellent customer service set a high standard and are greatly appreciated
  • Principal for an advertising and graphic design firm
    We want you to know how pleased we are with the padfolios. Thank you for your great management of every detail… as well as your patience!
  • President of a Professional Organization
    Your help and ideas are really a fantastic asset to our efforts
  • Event Coordinator at a Non-Profit Organization
    Absolutely love the wristbands.  They look amazing and are terrific quality.  Thank you for yet another amazing promotional product!
  • President of a Regional Trade Association
    The awards look FANTASTIC.  Very well done…I’d highly recommend it to your other clients.  Again, great job – you made it so easy.
  • Marketing & Events Manager for a New England charity
    Thank you for checking in! We have received the pens, and they are wonderful!
  • Coordinator for a professional trade group in Oklahome
    Thanks for checking in. I was able to see the laser pointer pens tonight and they great. Thanks for the great service.
  • Recruiter in Massachusetts
    The keychains look great! Thanks so much for your help with everything-they are so cool!
  • Coordinator for a trade association event in Washington
    The pens and pedometers look great!  Thank you so much for all your help and assistance.  If I need anything else, you can bet I’ll be contacting you.
  • Event coordinator for an association in Virginia
    Yes, the pens are Great. Thank you.
  • Director at an Events Company in Florida
    You always go above and beyond, providing superior customer service with a warm and friendly connection. That is the way we operate as well. Promomento is a preferred source for our event gifts and promotional items, due in great part to you.
  • Administrative Assistant at a national bank
    Yep – the padfolios arrived yesterday afternoon and they look great!! Thank you again for all of your help with this item. You have been the best.
  • Event coordinator in Pennsylvania
    I received the padfolios and they look great! Thank you very much. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
  • Purchasing Associate for a university in New York
    I have received the table covers and they look great! I like them a lot.
  • Director or marketing for a private investment firm in Florida
    We did get the padfolios and we love them.
  • Office manager for a religious organization in California
    I greatly appreciate your wonderful customer service.
  • Coordinator for charity golf event in Massachusetts
    Cooler bags came out great. Thanks for the quick turnaround.
  • Office manager for a law firm in Maryland
    Thank you for all your help in making them happen, and especially your prompt response to the issue we had. Will definitely use you and your firm again in the future!
  • Marketing and Sales Manager at a national jewelry company
    As usual you are Fantastic to work with!
  • One of our suppliers
    You’re amazing to work with!!
  • Secretary for a city in Texas
    I received the shipment of commemorative bricks and they turned out exactly as we envisioned.  Thank you SO MUCH for your assistance in making the numerous requested changes and especially for your patience.
  • Principal for an advertising firm
    I want to thank you for taking such good care of us! :  )
  • Engineer for an engineering firm in Pennsylvania
    The bottles look great! Thanks.
  • Owner of a small business in Minnesota
    The mugs are FABULOUS! This is my second order with Promomento and I keep loving the products even more! Thanks so much for another great order and experience!
  • Coordinator for an educational foundation in Minnesota
    Wow, the lunch bags are wonderful!  Thank you for checking with me regarding my satisfaction.  All is well and the teachers who get them will be so happy.  Cheers to you!
  • Specialist for a Connecticut government agency
    They both look great as usual! You all do such a great job!
  • Marketing manager for a technology company in New York City
    Yes, I got a padfolios a few hours ago and think they look great!
  • Coordinator for a technology services company in Rhode Island
    Both packages of padfolios have arrived.  Took a look with my boss and all looks great!!!!
  • Education Specialist for a cosmetics company
    Again thank you for the partnership on the paperweights. They look GREAT and can’t wait to hear everyone’s reaction.
  • Director of Special Events for a university club in Iowa
    I can now confirm that we got the full shipment of the padfolios, and they turned out great! Thank you for the quick service and excellent communication.
  • Event coordinator for a professional organization in New York
    Yes I received the paper weights and I am very happy with them!!!! I will definitely continue business with you!
  • Event coordinator for an association in Virginia
    I am very pleased with the pens. The board has not seen them yet and can’t wait for them to do so. That will be this week. Again thank you for your help.
  • Director of a department at a university in California
    We received the delivery, and the computer mice look great.  I appreciate you getting these to us in time for our party.  Will consider ordering more.
  • Community Services Coordinator for a Michigan hospital
    Yes the first aid kits here and we love them! They turned out great! Thanks so much for helping us get these here ahead of schedule, you’ve been wonderful to work with.
  • Office manager for a regional moving company
    Just received them this morning AND they look just like the proof!! Actually..better than I sort of imaged!  SO thank you! I’d love to be able to write a review or anything if you do that or have a place online. 🙂
  • Director of Training at a credit union
    Appreciate you and all you do.  Have a great day.
  • Office manager for a American manufacturing company
    We received the padfolio’s and they are very happy with them.  Thanks for all your help, you did a great job for us.
  • Pastor for a church in New York
    Thanks for your customer service. Excellent. Pens were great. Fantastic!
  • Coordinator at a financial services company in California
    Thank you for all of your patience and dedication to this project.
  • Office manager at a public relations firm
    Wooooo hoooo!!!  Thank you Jennifer, for all your amazing help!!! We will keep in touch!
  • Purchaser at federal government agency
    I really appreciate your help. Have a great weekend
  • Event coordinator in New York
    Thank you so much! Yes! The phone chargers look awesome!! We love it!
  • Office manager for a telecommunications company in Wisconsin
    Thanks!  It has been a true pleasure working with you. If I have a need for more awards, I will contact you!
  • Buyer Associate for a university in Texas
    Thank you for your excellent service.
  • Administrative assistant at a school in Georgia
    Thanks so much!  The shirts turned out great!  We will definitely be in touch in the future with any other promo needs.  Most importantly, I appreciate ALL the help you gave us!   Your customer service was top notch!
  • Corporate Office Manager at a physical therapy practice in New York
    I’ll def keep your list for future ordering.
  • Marketing manager for a technology company in Illinois
    The journals and replacement spirals have arrived and they are glorious. THANKS again for ALL of your help and for ensuring arrival by my deadline.
  • Event coordinator for a univerisity in West Virginia
    The planners came in yesterday and they’re great!  Thank you!
  • Event coordinator
    Thanks! I haven’t seen them yet but our client is happy!
  • Attorney at Tennessee law firm
    I love the way the logo turned out!  I like the dark brown, however, the logo pops out better on the black.  I’m using the dark brown. They look great and I’ve already had questions where I got them so hopefully you’ll get some business sent your way. Thank you very much!
  • Creative Director for a marketing firm
    Thank you so much! Your thoroughness is much appreciated.
  • Executive Director for a professional trade organization
    Thank you so much – this has been the easiest promo product I have ever ordered! I definitely will be using you for our future conferences.
  • Property administrator
    Love the tote bags! They’re so cute
  • Event Coordinator for a trade organization
    Thank you for all your help!  It’s great working with you…:)
  • President at a regional trade association
    Thank you for all of your diligent work, professionalism and support for our chapter
  • Executive Director at a Canadian health organization
    Thank you very much for your excellent customer service.
  • Purchaser at professional services company
    Received the padfolios and they look GREAT! Thanks so much for your help in getting these done. We will definitely use you in the future. You were a pleasure to work with.
  • Office manager for an auto garage
    Yes we did receive the three boxes. We have opened a couple and they are beautiful. We haven’t opened all the boxes yet. I will let you know if there are any problems. Thank you and you were awesome to do business with.
  • Project Services Engineer for an integrated fuel company
    It was a pleasure working with you. I greatly appreciate all your help and timely responses!
  • Events planner for a fraternity
    I got the padfolios and I am very satisfied.  Thanks!
  • Coordinator at an event planning company
    Love them! We are busy sending them out but love the way the look! Thanks!
  • Office manager at consulting company
    We got the padfolios, and early to boot!  They are great- good quality and stitched.  We are very pleased.  Thanks for your help with this.
  • Marketing coordinator at a Texas pharmacy
    The mugs look great, boss loves them! Great job…thanks again for a great/fast product.
  • Treasurer at a trade association
    We like and appreciate the service you give us – thank you!
  • Marketing manager at national furniture company
    We love the journals…thank you!
  • President at a regional trade association
    The Board members loved the bags!  I was really pleased with their reactions.  It seems like something people can use in their personal lives goes over the best.
  • Department manager at an east coast university
    We are very thrilled with them especially for the price. I actually took them to our campus bookstore manager and showed her them along with your website. We appreciate the expedient process and all of the help and feedback along the way. Thank you for all of your help.
  • Administrative assistant at a midwestern investment firm
    The padfolios look great and the logo turned out awesome on them.  As always you have given us another wonderful product.  Thank you so much for your help and for the quick turn around on the padfolios.   I’m looking forward to doing business with you again in the near future.
  • Personal trainer
    They arrived Friday afternoon and look great. The printing is crisp and I like the shade of blue. Thank you for your help!!
  • Development Manager and CTO for a midwestern financial services company
    We’re very pleased with the order. It was just as advertised. I mostly appreciate your attention to the order and timely and accurate responses to all of our questions.
  • Event coordinator for trade association of attorneys
    Just arrived in Chicago and saw the portfolios. We are so pleased with the product. We will reorder again next year.
  • High school secretary
    We have the pins and they look great!!! THANK YOU!!!
  • Special Events Manager at a charity
    Thanks so much for the follow up! We did receive them on Friday and we LOVE them! We are excited to have something branded to use at our upcoming event.
  • Sales manager at an international engineering firm
    Yes, I was very happy with the way the padfolios turned out and also your customer service is awesome. I’ll be sure to use you in the future.
  • Event coordinator at a university in Indiana
    Everything looks great. Thank you for all of your hard work throughout this process. Many, many phone calls and emails! You guys are a great company to work with. I will pass on my approval to anyone who asks!  Hope you are doing well! You are good at what you do!
  • Coordinator for manufacturing and engineering company
    We received the paperweights and LOVE them!  Thanks so much for your help and quick turn around with this;
  • Services Director at California state government organization
    I received the bags last night, they are PERFECT!!!!  The timing was also perfect as the team luncheon is at noon today – called for quick wrapping last night.  I was surprised to find I liked the gray ones the most (although the red and blue are beautiful).   A couple of other departments have asked where we bought the padfolios and once these bags make their appearance at the office I’m sure that will stir more questions.  I hope these purchases bring more business your way!  In addition to great products, your customer service and follow-up make a difference; I look forward to working with your company in the future.
  • Marketing Coordinator for a pharmacy
    Thank you for checking in with me, we loved the umbrellas! There is nothing better then getting great customer service… Thanks! Hope to work with you in the near future.
  • Coordinator for a tooling company
    We received the rulers they look great! We are pleased with them!!
  • Coordinator for a breast cancer charity
    I received the mints and they look wonderful!  Thank you so much for all your help!
  • Marketing and Sales Manager at a national jewelry company
    Thanks again for all your help and great customer service!
  • Marketing Coordinator at a Regional Trade Association
    The lunch bags and business card holders look AWESOME!  I’m so pleased with how they turned out!  Thank you!
  • Marketing Coordinator at a medical company
    The table cloths look awesome. Thank you SO much!!!! The carry cases are perfect as well.
  • Manager of a Summer Camp
    The journals look great. The white screen print on the black really stands out and looks sharp. Thanks for great customer service!
  • Event Coordinator at a State University
    I received the portfolios today and they look great! Thank you so much for your help.  I will definitely be contacting you next year if we have this event again.
  • Communications Assistant at a Commercial Construction Company
    You make things so easy!  It truly has been a pleasure to work with you this year, and I look forward to doing so in 2013!
  • Senior Project Analsyst for an International Transportation Company
    Yes I received them and they look great. Thanks so much for your personalized assistance!
  • President of a Regional Trade Association
    They were very surprised and pleased with the awards.  Everyone thought the plaque looked very nice. Thank you again for your quality products and service.
  • Booking Supervisor for a Religious Events Company
    I just received the padfolios and I absolutely LOVE them!!! They are just what we wanted and perfect!!! Thank you so much for your diligence and time spent working on them for us. We will definitely look to you guys in the future for our needs.
  • President of a Regional Trade Association
    The notebooks are awesome!! SO profesisonal looking.
  • Communications Assistant at an International Construction Company
    I hope to work with you in October for the next event.  If I hear of anyone needing any promotional items, I will give them your email/number.
  • Marketing Coordinator at a medical company
    It’s been a joy to work with you. I am sure we will be in touch in the future as you are my promo go to.
  • Marketing Coordinator at a Regional Trade Association
    Got the lapel pins tonight and they’re GREAT!  Thanks so much.
  • Manager at a Property Management Company
    Awesome – Your quick responses and willingness to help is much appreciated! I hope your supervisor knows what a great job you are doing
  • Marketing Specialist at a medical services company
    Woah – Magnets look phenomenal!  Thank you.
  • Officer of a Non-Profit Professional Association 
    Order arrived today.  It is lovely!!  I am very pleased with how it came out.  You were right about spending a little more to get a much better product.
  • Office Administrator at a Financial Services Organization
    You’ve been just wonderful in handling our order.  I’ll be sure to recommend your company to other branches.
  • HR Coordinator at a Bank
    This company was very helpful with my purchase.  I would definitely do business with this company again.
  • Executive Assistant at a Leading Non-Profit Organization
     I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you did on our gifts.  They were a big hit and the recipients loved them.  I am looking forward to doing business with your company again soon.
  • Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company Project Coordinator
     Thank you for all your work on the silver globe puzzles.  I am extremely happy with the way they turned out.
  • Project Manager at a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company
    …What I appreciated the most was the help with the artwork.  That was potentially a crisis and your artist made it look good.  That was a huge relief!
  • Coordinator at a Town Parks and Recreation Department
    We are completely satisfied.  Thank you so much for making this experience so easy.  We will definitely work with you again
  • Executive Assistant at a Midwestern Financial Services Company
    The order arrived on time and it looks great.  You did a good job for us, once again
  • Buyer at a Fortune 100 Insurance Company 
    Thanks again for your great service!  Everything went as planned and the gifts were well-received!
  • Insurance agency owner
    The gift certificates are a smashing success!
  • Project Manager at a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company
    The blankets are perfect – we love them!
  • Program Manager at a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company
    Thanks for all your help on this.  Our people were elated!  We’ll be back for more and don’t worry I’ll send my friends your way.
  • Manager at a Fortune 500 Insurance Company 
    Packages arrived!  They look awesome!  Thanks for all of your coordination and help with getting this done so quickly

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