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Since 2007 Promomento has been serving customers in all types of organizations

From family businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Privately-held firms and law practices. Trade associations and industry groups. City offices and community banks. Government agencies and fundraising organizations. Pharmaceutical and petroleum industries. Universities and healthcare providers. Entertainment companies and event planners. Here are some ways we’ve helped customers like you succeed with business gifts and logo imprinted giveaways. 

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Made-To-Order on a Moderate Budget

Client: Law Firm

Product: Simulated Leather 3-Ring Binders

Client’s Need: An attorney needed professional quality 3-ring binders in a moderate price range for a growing legal practice.

We Deliver: Working with our US-based manufacturing partner, we designed a made-to-order premium ring binder. The client was able to select all elements of the design including the material for the simulated leather cover, the ring size, the placement of the business card pocket, and the interior slot pockets.  

To help the client stay within budget, we suggested no padding on the front and back cover. We suggested ‘concealed rivets’ on the spine for a professional touch. We debossed the client’s logo on the front cover and foil-stamped “Estate Planning Portfolio” on the binder spine.  

Client reorders these binders and recommended us to another law office who also purchased made-to-order binders.

Recreating a Discontinued Item

Client: Investment Firm

Product: Fine Leather Notebook Covers

Client’s Need: A discontinued product left our client’s Office Manager in a bind. Several years prior she ordered premium leather notebook covers from a different company. The covers had been discontinued. The office still had leftover custom-made spiral notebooks. So she needed new leather covers for them.

We Deliver: We provided a sample of the leather cover and the spiral notebook to one of our service partners (a US-based leather goods manufacturer). We worked as a team to design a replacement cover that fit the client’s budget and her thick, premium quality spiral notebooks.

The deadline was tight. We all worked as a team to ensure delivery before the end of December so the client’s team could take the leather covers and notebooks on a business trip to South Korea in January.

Adapting an Off-The-Shelf Product to Meet Client’s Needs

Client: Sports Event Company

Product: Duffel Bags

Client’s Need: Our client’s Director of Operations needed nearly 4000 small duffel bags for an event. We located an off-the-shelf bag that she loved. With one change: Remove the velcro from the exterior.

We Deliver:   We worked with the importer of the original bag to tweak the design. The velcro was removed. Additionally we provided three speculative samples to our client, so she could select her favorite decoration method for a complex multi-color logo.

To protect our client’s interests, we requested that the speculative samples be produced by the overseas factory so we could confirm the quality before proceeding with the order.  We successfully raced against the clock to complete the production of the final order before the factory closed for Chinese New Year.

Rescue Truck!

Client: Sports Event Company

rescue truck

Product: Cooler Bags

Client’s Need: Our client’s Director of Operations ordered a high quantity of cooler bags. Bag delivery was needed 3 days before the event. And the weather wasn’t cooperating.

We Deliver: Client placed their order four months before the event. The order was going perfectly, until a large storm struck. Our client’s large order was sent cross-country via train. Due to storm delays, our client’s order was stranded in a rail yard 30 miles from the event location. In an “all hands on deck” approach, we very quickly partnered with the bag manufacturer and a trucking company to hire a Rescue Truck. The truck drove to the rail yard and retrieved our client’s pallets. (The cost of the Rescue Truck was paid by Promomento and the manufacturer.)

Because the bags were not delivered by the first day of the event, we printed ‘baggage claim’ tickets for our client to hand out at the event. Once the Rescue Truck delivered the bags, the attendees revisited our client’s booth and exchanged their ‘baggage claim’ tickets for a cooler bag.

Our client was very gracious and understanding about the situation. We have a great relationship. They still place many orders with us. And we laugh about how we added “Rescue Truck” to our vocabulary.

Suggesting Awards to Fit a Client’s Theme

Client: Industry Association

awards to fit a client's theme

Product: Member Awards

Client’s Need: Client’s Service Manager approached me about an off-the-shelf award she found on the Promomento website. After reviewing her needs, I suggested a similarly-priced award that more closely matched the state-based theme of her program.

We Deliver: Working with one of my US-based manufacturing partners, we designed an award shaped like the state of Kansas. The award was custom-cast in a stone color that complimented the client’s logo and website colors. Each award was engraved with the client’s logo and personalized with the recipient’s name and membership achievement level.

Creating a Service Award Program for Employee Anniversaries

Client: Holding Company in Commercial Construction Industry

Product: Employee Awards

Client’s Need: Our client’ annually celebrates 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 year employee anniversaries. Their HR Resource Manager needed awards in incrementally larger sizes and price ranges to honor each service milestone.

We Deliver: When our client transferred this program to Promomento from a competitor, I assessed their existing awards. I collected detailed information on the sizes and prices of the awards. Then I suggested new awards so the sizes and prices aligned to the number of years each employee served with the client’s company. Five year awards are the smallest with the lowest price. Forty year awards are the largest and most elaborate.

I provided the client with a visual summary of each award (complete with measurements).   We use the visual summary annually to determine award replacements and reorders for their ceremony.

Conference Giveaways Imprinted with Sponsor and Host Logos

Client: Trade Association

conference giveaways

Product: Padfolios with Two Logos

Client’s Need: Each year our client hosts an annual membership conference that is sponsored by several organizations.   Padfolios with notepads are needed for note-taking at their education sessions. To offset the cost of the padfolios, our client obtains sponsorship of the padfolios. In exchange we print our client (the host’s) logo and the sponsor’s logo on the cover.

We Deliver: To keep the cost of the padfolios down, we get creative with the imprint area and the logo artwork to minimize the setup and imprint charges. We present several layout options to our client’s Office Manager, and she gets approval from the sponsor.

For other clients we’ve imprinted bags,notepads, mugs, and other giveaways with both the host and sponsor logos.

A Different Alumni Gift Each Year

Client: Department in a Large University

Product: Annual Alumni Gift

Client’s Need: Our client receives visits from alumni annually in their office. Because some alumni revisit, they need a fresh supply of different alumni gifts each year.

We Deliver:  Alumni support is key to our client, so gifts needs to be generous but also affordable. Our client prefers functional gifts that alumni can use. And they have a new beautiful and colorful logo each year.

This client typically knows the kind of gift they want to give. They rely on Promomento to find the best combination of quality and perceived value in the gift category.

Crystal bowls, duffel bags, and coaster sets are just some of the alumni gifts we’ve sourced for them.

Adjusting Artwork for Best Imprinted Results

Clients: Client Projects With Complex Printing Requirements

Product: As an example, Custom Imprinted Rubik’s Cubes

Client’s Need: We always want to deliver impressive logo imprints. Some items are more challenging to imprint than others. Rubik’s Cubes are on the list, because the client’s artwork is split between 9 separate squares on each side of the Rubik’s Cube.

We Deliver:  Working with our official Rubik’s Cube imprinting partner, we’ve imprinted Rubik’s Cubes with custom artwork on all 6 sides of the cube. And orders with custom artwork on 1 side of the cube. Clients can also opt to imprint 2-5 sides, depending on budget and nature of their needs.

Text lettering that is imprinted on a Rubik’s Cube often spans multiple squares. We work closely with our imprinting partner and clients to adjust the text so it’s readable. The same is true for detailed images. In some cases artwork looks best when repeated 9 times on one side. Other times we achieve optimal visual impact by imprinting the artwork once across all 9 squares.

On Rubik’s Cubes orders (and all orders), we partner closely with our clients and imprinters to determine the correct art layout for the most pleasing results.

Retail Brands or Close Substitutes

Clients: Event Coordinators, Office Managers, and More

retail brands or close substitutes

Product: Retail Brand Products…or a Close Substitute

Client’s Need: Sometimes clients want retail brand items like PopSockets, but they can’t afford the brand name.

We Deliver: When a client requests their logo on a brand name item like PopSockets, we can deliver for them! (Promomento has sold nearly 10,000 logo-decorated PopSockets to our customers this year.)

Sometimes customers will request brand name items, but their budget…or timeframe…or quantity don’t align with the retail brand requirements.

In those cases, I brainstorm with the customer to find a lower cost substitute (if one is legally available). Or I suggest similar items that serve a similar purpose. For example, phone wallet stands can be used instead of PopSockets. And affordable large double-wall stainless steel tumblers can be engraved instead of Yeti tumblers.

As a PMP-certified, experienced promotional products professional with a well-developed network of product importers and manufacturers, my clients know they can count on me to save them time, money, and frustration. And to minimize their risk during the buying process.

Padfolios as Business Office Supplies

Clients: So many!

Product: Various padfolio designs. Zippered padfolios. Binder padfolios. Tech padfolios. Junior size padfolios. Clip Padfolios. Padfolios with Color Accents. You name it!

Client’s Need: Many of our clients use padfolios as a standard office supply in their business. They use them to dress up their client presentations. For training seminars. For sales materials. For case workers. For students. For key prospects. For real estate seminars. For field employees

Some clients want the padfolios decorated with their logo. Others want them blank (no logo).

We Deliver: We work with organizations across the U.S. to fulfill their padfolio needs. Some of our clients have reorder the exact same padfolio over 25 times.   Some like to switch it up every few years.

When it comes to padfolios and portfolios, we work with our clients’ to find the best combination of features, price, quality, and imprint method. And we regularly provide quotes, so they can budget for their padfolio supply for the year.

Kits for Employees

Client: A nationwide IT consulting company


Product: Kits for Employees

Client’s Need: A four or five piece kit of functional and trendy logo-decorated office items for newly hired employees.

We Deliver: Our client needed approximately 2000 employee kits to be shipped to 19 regional offices across the U.S. She had a list of items to be included in the kit. She needed help finding nice quality products at a price point that was affordable to all offices. Kit contents were a pen, a tumbler, a notebook, and PopSocket and a drawstring bag.   Promomento sourced all items and had them assembled into the bags. Then drop-shippd to all 19 offices.

Because each office is financially independent, we made separate invoicing and payment arrangements with each office. Each office paid the same base price for the kits. Additional discounts were given to each office based on the quantity of kits ordered. (Offices that ordered higher quantities got larger discounts.) We separately calculated the shipping charge and sales tax for each of the 19 offices.

The kits were a success! Although the original quantities were intended to last for the calendar year, several offices reordered in less than 6 months from the original order.

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